For Healthcare Professionals Taking The IELTS Exam

Includes app courses and mock exams, grammar boosters and updated IELTS tips. IELTS Writing correction and books and learning materials.
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How does the IELTS for Healthcare Professionals App Work ?

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For the IELTS exam, practice really does make perfect. What's really worthwhile, however, is having access to updated information so that you can practice effectively. We wanted to put your IELTS practice right into your pocket, so that you can practice for your IELTS exam wherever you go. You can take practice mock tests on the go. You can even reach out to our native English IELTS experts with any questions you may have about the exam. Oh and the best bit? You can even pick up a copy of the IELTS for Healthcare Professionals book straight from the comfort of your phone. Happy studying!

IELTS Medical is a training centre for healthcare professionals based in London, United Kingdom. We have supported many international healthcare professionals through the IELTS exam with the majority passing on their first attempt. We hope to do the same for you too.